Internet Addiction Quiz

Feb 17, 2024

Common Questions on an Internet Addiction test

The internet has become part of our daily lives. It changed the way we work, shop, and socialize. Do you question your internet habits?  

Do you find yourself wasting time on social media or news sites? These activities may seem innocent, but they can impact certain aspects of your life. In this case, you might need to take an internet addiction quiz to determine if you have a problem. 

An internet addiction quiz is for those who spend a large majority of time on the internet. Those with problematic use might struggle with their work life, interpersonal relationships, and daily responsibilities. 

According to Mental Health America, 88.5% of Americans use the internet. One becomes addicted due to the accessibility, control, and thrill that being online gives them. With these combinations, they’re more likely to stay online.

Internet addicts might also suffer from anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviors, dissociative problems, sleep disorders, and substance abuse issues. According to research discovered by the Kaiser Family Foundation published in January 2010, excessive internet equates to 16 hours per day.

Most users spend three to 16 hours on the internet. Many of the behaviors listed below are common with average use. Keep the following signs in mind if you or someone you know has an addiction. Common signs of addictive internet use include: 

  • Daydreaming about being on the internet 

  • Losing track of time and spending more time than necessary 

  • Feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed when trying to reduce or avoid your internet use

  • Getting defensive about your internet use 

  • Using the internet to avoid problems or improve your mood 

  • Failing to control internet use or seeking help for problematic use 

  • Obsessively checking messages and notifications

  • Lying about time spent online or sneaking off to go online

  • Losing interest in former hobbies and activities 

  • Avoiding responsibilities, escaping painful emotions, or stressful situations 

  • Having negative thoughts or depressing feelings from prolonged internet use 

  • Becoming angry or agitated when you’re not online or your time is interrupted 

  • Feeling a “high” or euphoria every time you use the computer or smartphone 

Three or more signs may indicate that you or someone you know has problematic internet use. In this case, you should move forward with the quiz to determine your results. 

How Accurate Is It?

An internet addiction quiz is not a substitute for an official diagnosis. Only a qualified and licensed professional mental health provider or healthcare professional can offer a diagnosis. 

You can use the results of this quiz to seek therapy and treatment for your internet addiction. It’s the first step in the direction of getting help. Most people stop at this point and don’t speak with a professional. They’re afraid of getting judged or not being able to afford professional help. 

Internet Addiction FAQs

Can stress cause internet addiction? 

Common stressors, such as family life and work can cause internet addiction. Those who struggle with financial issues or social anxiety are more likely to develop problematic internet use. It’s unclear what kinda of stress contributed to the addiction, or if the internet addiction is a result of the stress. 

Studies have also found that lack of motivation, poor job performance, time management issues, low self-esteem, and sleep problems can also cause internet addiction. Talk therapy can help you come up with healthier coping methods that don’t involve internet use. 

Is internet addiction common? 

Between one percent and 10% of people have an internet addiction, according to research found by the International Journal of Preventative Medicine. However, most of the research is based on young internet users. Little is known about older internet users. Research hasn’t shown the difference between normal and addictive use. 

What are the physical problems associated with internet addiction? 

Internet addiction doesn’t just cause emotional and mental distress. It can also cause physical symptoms such as eye strain, high blood pressure, head or neck pain, insomnia, unhealthy diet, weight gain, poor personal hygiene, and vision problems. Excessive internet use overtime can cause serious health issues, if not addressed. 

How do I know if I or someone I know has an internet addiction?

A single behavior doesn’t define internet addiction. Rather, a combination of behaviors and patterns may indicate that increased internet use made one’s life unmanageable. If you notice that your internet use interferes with your life, you may have a problem. 

In addition, if you are using the internet to improve your mood, you might be developing an addiction. It’s not about how much time you spend on the internet. Most people spend more time online than necessary but that doesn’t indicate a problem. It’s more about how internet use affects one’s life. 

How many people have internet addiction?

According to the 2024 results from Search Logistics, over 210 million people around the world have problematic internet use. Close to 60% of the world’s population is on social media. This equates to close to 5 billion people who are on social media worldwide. The UAE has the most social media users compared to other countries, with over 100% of internet users visiting one social media site. 

Is it more common among men or women? 

Men and women have different reasons for increased internet use. Most men are addicted to cybersex, pornography, gambling, online gaming, and live-streaming chats. Meanwhile, women are typically addicted to social media, online shopping, online dating, and cybersex. 

What treatment options are available?  

The most common treatment options for internet addiction are inpatient and outpatient therapy followed by aftercare support. It might also involve educational workshops, family counseling, and support groups. Recovery from internet addiction teaches moderation and control use of the internet, similar to eating disorder recovery. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is another option for treating internet addiction. You’ll learn healthy habits for moderate and controlled use. You’ll also uncover the underlying reason for your increased internet use. Psychotherapy with Birches Health can also help. Book a call today to get started on your therapy journey. 


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