Gambling Addiction Hotline

Jun 5, 2023

What is a Gambling Addiction Hotline?

A gambling addiction hotline is a dedicated helpline that provides support, guidance, and resources to individuals struggling with gambling addiction. It offers a confidential and non-judgmental space where trained professionals are available to listen, offer advice, and provide information about treatment options. These hotlines are typically toll-free and accessible 24/7, allowing individuals to reach out for help whenever they need it. 

The purpose of a gambling addiction hotline is to provide immediate assistance, promote recovery, and connect individuals with the appropriate resources to address their gambling-related challenges.

Benefits of Calling a Gambling Addiction Hotline

Calling a gambling addiction hotline can offer numerous benefits to individuals facing gambling-related issues. 

Gambling hotlines provide immediate access to trained professionals who understand the complexities of gambling addiction. They offer a non-judgmental and empathetic space where callers can openly discuss their concerns, experiences, and emotions.

Hotlines also provide valuable information and resources regarding treatment options, support groups like Gambler’s Anonymous, and counseling services available in your area. They can guide you towards the appropriate help that suits your specific needs.

Moreover, these hotlines offer a confidential environment, ensuring privacy and anonymity. This can alleviate fears and encourage individuals to seek help without hesitation.

Another benefit is that hotlines are available 24/7, providing assistance around the clock. This accessibility ensures that help is available whenever it is needed, even during times of crisis or intense urges to gamble.

Calling a gambling addiction hotline can offer essential support, guidance, and encouragement on the path to recovery. It can provide a lifeline for individuals struggling with gambling-related challenges, promoting personal growth, and a healthier, more balanced life.

When Should You Call a Gambling Hotline?

Knowing when to call a problem gambling hotline is essential for anyone who is experiencing issues related to gambling. If you or someone you know is struggling with a gambling problem, it's important to reach out for help as soon as possible. Calling a problem gambling hotline should be considered if gambling is negatively impacting your life in various ways. 

Signs that may indicate the need to call a hotline include:

  • an inability to control gambling behavior

  • increasing debt 

  • neglecting responsibilities

  • lying about gambling activities

  • experiencing emotional distress or depression due to gambling, and strained relationships. 

These hotlines are staffed by trained professionals who can provide immediate support, guidance, and resources for seeking help. Remember, reaching out for assistance through a problem gambling hotline is a proactive step towards addressing the issue and reclaiming control over your life.

What Kinds of Questions Will I Be Asked?

When you call a gambling addiction hotline, you can expect to be asked a series of questions to better understand your situation and provide appropriate assistance. These questions are designed to gather information about your gambling behaviors, the impact it has on your life, and any underlying factors contributing to the addiction. You may be asked about the frequency and amount of your gambling, financial consequences, emotional distress, and any associated relationship problems. 

The hotline staff will also inquire about your willingness to seek help and may provide information on available resources and treatment options. The goal of these questions is to provide personalized support and guidance tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Rest assured, your responses will be treated with confidentiality and empathy to help you on your path to recovery.

Are Gambling Hotlines Free?

Yes, gambling hotlines are typically free. They are toll-free numbers that provide support and assistance to individuals struggling with gambling addiction at no cost.

Is My Call Confidential?

Yes, gambling hotlines are typically confidential. 

When you call a gambling hotline, your privacy and confidentiality are prioritized. Hotline operators are trained professionals who understand the sensitive nature of the issue and adhere to strict ethical guidelines. They are bound by confidentiality agreements and will not disclose your personal information or the details of your conversation to anyone without your consent, unless there is an immediate risk of harm to yourself or others. It's important to feel secure when reaching out for help, and gambling hotlines strive to create a safe and confidential space for individuals seeking support and guidance with their gambling problems.

National Hotlines

Gambling Helplines by State

  • Arizona 1-800-NEXT-STEP

  • Arkansas 1-800-522-4700

  • Colorado 1-800-522-4700

  • Connecticut 1-888-789-7777

  • Delaware 888-850-8888

  • Illinois 1-800-GAMBLER

  • Indiana 1-800-GAMBLER

  • Iowa 1-800-BETS-OFF

  • Kansas 1-800-522-4700

  • Louisiana 1-877-770-STOP

  • Maryland 1-800-GAMBLER

  • Massachusetts 800-327-5050

  • Michigan 1-800-270-7117

  • Mississippi 1-888-777-9696

  • Nevada 1-800-522-4700

  • New Jersey 1-800-GAMBLER

  • New Hampshire 603-724-1605

  • New York 877-8-HOPENY

  • Ohio 800.589.9966

  • Ontario 1-866-531-2600

  • Oregon 1-877-695-4648

  • Pennsylvania 1-800-GAMBLER

  • Puerto Rico 1-800-981-0023

  • Tennessee 800-889-9789

  • Virginia 1-800-GAMBLER

  • Washington DC 1-800-522-4700

  • Washington 1-800-547-6133

  • West Virginia 1-800-GAMBLER

  • Wyoming 1-800-522-4700

Please note that these hotlines are subject to change, and it is always advisable to verify the current contact information for any hotline you wish to reach out to.


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